CT Web Design

A Brief Introduction to Web Design

Web Design is a broad term which covers many skills and disciplines which are involved in the creation of websites and their maintenance. Since the creation of W3C, many big organizations started creating websites as it was an easy way to spread information. Following that, business companies started making their individual websites to get a boost on their sales and revenues. Since then, creating websites became popular and demand for websites from authorities and individuals got increased. From the creation of websites, the global terms of Web Design or Web Development came into being. It was not only a term, it was a vast field of Internet Technology. Websites are not any less than any other means of sharing information, communication, marketing and business.

Time Has Changed!

Today this technology has progressed so much from the time it was started. Some of the first websites were only worth reading the text or clicking the links. Today we see images, videos, advertisements, motion graphics, etc. We can now play games on websites, ask for a specific issue from a certain community in a forum, surf social networking websites and get in touch with the world.

Strokes and Major Developments

Websites are designed in website scripting languages and sometimes in frameworks created by programming languages. The earliest website scripting language which is being used to create websites is HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It contains the words HyperText Markup, that is because when it came, it was only capable to create simple text and hypertext pages. The modern web which we are enjoying today has many reasons.

1. One of the reasons is because HTML was evolving from the first day. Today’s progressive version of HTML is called HTML5 which is currently under development. Many of the websites have started converting to HTML5 and new websites are widely adopting the next standard of HTML.

2. Another reason is that HTML was not alone, many languages were being created to enhance the web and to annihilate the limitations of HTML. CSS was created to help HTML create better graphical interface easily. Javascript was created to enhance the beauty and functionality of websites. However, it was likely to use Javascript to give websites and interactive interface.

3. By the time, many browsers were created as the web technology was increasing. In order to surpass other browsers, major browsers started supporting new languages. This became a milestone for dynamic languages.

4. HTML with CSS and Javascript is a strong combination, but it is not strong enough to create web 2.0 websites that require lots of databases. Facebook could not be created without PHP neither Twitter could be developed as it is with Ruby on Rails. The same thing goes with Windows Live Hotmail which is an example ASP.Net’s abilities. These are some of the major dynamic languages which should be credited for changing the way we see and use the web (along with modern browsers which support them). Databases are handled with database languages like MySQL, which is most likely to be used with PHP.


Internet Technology has an ultimate space for progression, evolution and love. Today’s web design has several advantages for website designers and owners. Let me mention some of that I know:

1. Web designing has flourished well in past years and has evolved the way people spread information and communicate with each other.
2. From today’s websites we are capable of knowing about upcoming events and news from all over the world.
3. Web Design has become part of advertisement and marketing strategies for small businesses to huge businesses.
4. Some businesses are based only on websites, so the Web Design and Development really matter for them.
5. If a website is designed well, it can easily grow sales of a company.
6. Demand for websites has increased so web designers are making a lot of money.
7. SEO is used to rank your website higher than others. It is another field to make money which arrived from websites. If your web design is more SEO-friendly, clean and better than others, it is more likely for you to get a better rank than your competitor.
8. A better web design with better SEO work will not only grow your sales or surpass you from your competitor but also will show you the power of your business, as your business will flourish more than you can imagine for it to be.

Web Design and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The term its/elf defines it. SEO means to optimize a website’s search rankings in search engine/s. It is used to increase the traffic on your website. Traffic means the people who are visiting your website. If you have more traffic, you can earn more revenue. Creating a website is important but to let the people know that you have a website on the Internet is even more important. People can earn revenue by showing advertisements, taking surveys, marketing a product and maybe sell something. It does not all depends upon SEO. If search engines liked your website, they will give you a better ranking than other websites. SEO has a great effect on websites. For example, when we type CT Web Design in google, we will find many different search results to choose from. We will always click the first search result of our query, if it doesn’t satisfies us, it is natural that we will then surf other websites and search results.


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